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Single Crystal Diamond Dies
Synthetic Diamond Wire Drawing Dies
Synthetic Diamond dies (Mono Diamond Dies) are used for tube wires and wires, their durability, hardness is the best choice for the special requests of die tools. IWD Synthetic diamond dies(Mono Diamond Dies) are well widely used on special requests and the ways to solve critical cost control with your productions lines.IWD Synthetic diamond dies (Mono Diamond Dies) Description:Typical Reduction Angles And Bearing Length.
Polycrystalline Diamond Dies
Polycrystalline Diamond(PCD) Wire Drawing Dies
Polycrystalline diamond(PCD) sintered under high temperature and high press together with binder alloy is used. Diamond Drawing dies of high and consistent quality covering small to large diameters exhibit outstanding performance in larger size areas than single crystal diamond drawing dies. There are some factors to consider when specifying a PCD diamond die, PCD insert size, PCD grain size, casing size and hole geometry.
How to correctly use a diamond wire drawing dies
At present, many domestic manufacturers are still using backward equipment, use manual operation to grind pass, therefore, there...
Wear of diamond wire drawing dies
Cable model in the long-term use, the die wall friction by strong metal wire and scouring action will inevitably produce wear ...
Cause Improper use will cause damage to the drawing die
Improper use of the drawing process factors leading to rapid wear of the mold.Mold rapid wear of drawing dies often because of ...
How to consider the usefulness of drawing dies selection
Our knowledge of mold in accordance with the relevant considerations when talking about the selection, combined with his years of ...
Comparison of different materials Drawing Die
Drawing Die various materials have their own characteristics. Among them, the natural diamond drawing die the most expensive ...
Drawing Die material classification
After decades of development, it has appeared in many new drawing die material. According to the type of material can be ...
Change Diamond Drawing Die equipment
So far, for the manufacture of wire and cable diamond wire drawing dies and equipment, has gone through four generations of change.
How to improve the diamond wire drawing die life
Diamond Mold is an important tool for drawing stainless steel wire and cable industry production, especially in the thin and ...
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