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Change Diamond Drawing Die equipment
So far, for the manufacture of wire and cable diamond wire drawing dies and equipment, has gone through four generations of change.

The first took the mechanical grinding type, manufactured by mechanical grinding and maintenance of diamond wire drawing dies, the efficiency of this method is very low, grind mold hole difference, has been rarely used.

The second took the magnetostrictive tube, tube amplifier electrical signals provided by the magnetostrictive transducer is converted into mechanical energy for grinding diamond mold. The disadvantage of such models is magnetostrictive transducer conversion efficiency is too low, and the need for external cooling water for its cooling cycle. Equipment failure rate, manufacturers currently use much.

Third generation transistor piezoelectric, the electrical power supplied through the transistor piezoelectric ceramic transducer into mechanical vibrations, it has the advantage of high conversion efficiency of piezoelectric ceramics, and does not require additional cooling system. Equipment size reduction, so far the most widely used such models, and gradually replace the old mechanical mill and tube mill magnetostrictive become mainstream mold manufacturing equipment. Its disadvantages include: large transistor circuit harmonic distortion, the transducer is easy to produce transverse vibration, manufacture natural diamond Die small aperture such models, the diamond easily broken and breaking, low yield. High power output, the transistor easily damaged and can not be used to make large aperture polycrystalline diamond wire drawing dies.

Fourth, took the integrated piezoelectric ultrasonic precision EDM composite processing technology and equipment, electronic processing by the Beijing Institute of research and development. Such models using high-power top audio ICs, together with micro-fine titanium transducer EDM power conversion by the piezoelectric ceramic type, ultrasonic diamond wire drawing dies, EDM compound machining. It is characterized as a powerful ultrasonic signals to provide high-fidelity audio amplifier chip, the internal circuit functions, including AGC circuit (agc), overheating protection circuit, short circuit protection circuit, with total harmonic distortion, low noise advantages . Titanium transducer impedance low, q value is high, small internal loss, high mechanical strength, long life, stable performance, higher conversion efficiency. Need audio circuit and piezoelectric ceramic type titanium transducers combine to produce a very pure ultrasound, no clutter and transverse vibration. With its diamond drawing die hole machining, good surface finish. When processing large diameter polycrystalline diamond dies, if accompanied by complex EDM, processing efficiency doubled.

Precision integrated development of the fourth generation of piezoelectric ultrasonic machining machine. EDM is Beijing Institute at the end of 1991 the first successfully developed and will soon be applied to the manufacture of diamond wire drawing dies. The first machine model for bdc-50a, the development is intended to improve manufacturing small aperture die of natural diamond precision, roundness and pass the base with submicron precision, surface roughness of the mirror level.
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