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Natural Diamond Wire Drawing Dies (ND Wire Dies)
Natural Diamond guarantees wire die hardness, superior finish and performance as hallmark of the diamond. IWD ND Wire drawing dies are manufactured with ND stones produce drawn wire with superior surface conditions and the ability to maintain very high polishing surface and tight diameter tolerances, for fine wire and ultrafine wire applications.

IWD manufactures and supplies a very full range of Natural Diamond Wire Drawing Dies.

Natural diamond Drawing Die, high quality natural diamond for the material with wear resistance, high-quality finish, long life and other advantages, is the manufacturer of wire and cable and a variety of drawing an indispensable tool;

Natural diamond is an allotrope of carbon, use it to produce molds with high hardness, good wear resistance characteristics. But natural diamond brittle and difficult to process, generally used in the manufacture of wire drawing die diameter 1.2mm or less. In addition, natural diamond is expensive, shortages, and therefore does not die of natural diamond drawing that is economical and practical tool for people to finally seek.

Natural diamond drawing die the most expensive, but also extremely difficult process, but because of natural diamond anisotropy within the radial extent of hardness varies greatly, prone to severe wear in a certain direction, it applies only to die of natural diamond processing a very small diameter wire.

Effect of core life on drawing dies
Natural diamond known as the diamond is the hardest substance in nature, with high wear resistance and thermal conductivity, when used to improve the surface quality of tungsten and molybdenum wire strands extend and improve wire performance and dimensional accuracy, mainly for stretch and finished silk filament.

But it is very brittle nature and poor impact resistance, and the hardness anisotropy having each to do when drawing dies uneven wear. Coupled with diamond scarce, expensive, processing difficulties, so stretching, thick wire aspect is limited.

Natural diamonds are a natural crystal formation, there is no single crystal particles, high hardness, use it made of natural diamond die die orifice which is easy to obtain particularly smooth surface, suitable for drawing all kinds of non-ferrous metals, hot drawing tungsten, molybdenum wire , stainless steel wire and other wire.

Recommended to do the finished mold (outlet die), minor dies, wire shiny surface requires special tooling.

Natural diamonds die blanks suitable for drawing wire of platinum and rhodium, gold, silver, copper, aluminum, molybdenum, nickel, tin-plated copper, tungsten, aluminum and other nonferrous metals copper wire.

Natural Diamond Dies(ND dies) is a wire drawing tools for the production of soft wires such as copper, aluminum wires and hard wires as stainless steel, tungsten , Ti-plated copper, etc..

Hole Sizes:
From 0.0004inch to 0.0800inch
Or from 0.0100mm to 2.0000mm

Natural Diamond Drawing Die Applications
Used in fine and ultrafine wire sizes, or as finishing dies when wire surface quality is critical.

Tungsten wire, plated-copper wire, stainless steel wire and precious metals.

Application Notices:
1. To avoid shocking the natural diamond dies (ND dies) as installing and fix the die case firmly in the mold.
2. To use the proper percentage of lubrication for different reduction angle of natural diamond drawing dies as wet drawing and keep 40-50 degree temperature during the processing.
3. To maintain and repair the ND dies as a matter of fact
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