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Polycrystalline Diamond Wire Drawing Dies (PCD Wire Dies)
Polycrystalline diamond(PCD) sintered under high temperature and high press together with binder alloy is used. IWD PCD drawing dies of high and consistent quality covering small to large diameters exhibit outstanding performance in larger size areas than single crystal diamond drawing dies. There are some factors to consider when specifying a PCD diamond die, PCD insert size, PCD grain size, casing size and hole geometry.
Polycrystalline diamond is carefully selected high quality synthetic diamond single crystals plus a small amount of silicon, titanium and other binders, polymerization at high temperature and pressure conditions is made. PCD high hardness and good wear resistance, compared to other materials it has its own unique advantages: due to natural diamond anisotropy, in the drawing process, when around the entire hole are in When working condition, natural diamond holes will occur preferentially wear a certain position; and PCD belong polycrystalline, isotropic characteristics, thus avoiding uneven wear and die die orifice holes are not circular phenomenon.
Compared with the carbide, polycrystalline diamond carbide tensile strength of only 70% of common, but less than 250% of carbide hard, so making polycrystalline diamond die has more advantages than the carbide die . Drawing Die polycrystalline diamond made with good wear resistance, bore wear uniform, strong shock resistance, high drawing efficiency, and many cheaper than natural diamond. Therefore, polycrystalline diamond dies in drawing widely used in industry.
PCD is made up of many single crystal particles of non-oriented polycrystalline polymerization, with high strength and hardness, impact resistance is strong, even nature, good overall performance.
In stretching, when the filament life than diamond dies and tungsten carbide die and wire dimensional stability, good surface quality. But synthetic polycrystalline diamond of coarse grains, polishing difficult, stretching the filament surface finish better than natural diamond. By grain refinement can improve polishing performance, replace the natural diamond on the filaments drawing dies, greatly reduce costs, improve product quality.
Polycrystalline diamond hardness only to die of natural diamond, because of its isotropic characteristics, it does not produce a single radial wear and tear of the phenomenon, but its price is very expensive, processing difficulties, high manufacturing costs.
Domestic polycrystalline diamond mold belongs to the man-made product, commonly known as "polycrystalline module" or "polycrystalline Drawing Die," carbon molecules at high pressure knot made, it not only has the natural diamond wear resistance and hardness, but also has good oval degree, easier to process for drawing the broader, more from less expensive natural diamond dies.
Domestic polycrystalline mold is the last century the seventies and eighties the development of synthetic diamond products, it is characterized by high temperature, high pressure diamond powder sintering, inverted electrical, thermal stability up to 1000 degrees, so it can be used with a When matched thermal expansion coefficients of the metal powder sintered at a temperature of 600-900 casement degrees, drawing all kinds of hard steel wire, long tool life, broken fewer opportunities to synthetic diamond powder sintered polycrystalline diamond no directionality , it is not easy to crack as natural diamond, breakage, high strength, wear-resistant characteristics.
Artificial diamond powder, iron group metals, cobalt, nickel as polycrystalline sintered to form a binder, which is polycrystalline module blanks years of heavy use.
After decades of development, domestic polycrystalline module specification is now blank, all varieties, relatively inexpensive, domestic polycrystalline drawing die very suitable for all kinds of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metal wire, bar, pipe, etc., from the aperture ŽÁ0.10mm smaller than the largest ŽÁ35mm can be achieved has really use, a wide range in recent years, drawing in many areas of polycrystalline module gradually replaced Carbide Die (tungsten steel), its market share to about higher.
Imports polycrystalline module core is a homogeneous ultrafine particles by high temperature pressure knot made of high density, can ensure roundness wire and high-quality finish, drawing a long life, in the long process of drawing die wear hardly occurs and flat silk phenomenon.
Imports polycrystalline die wear resistance, commonly known as "import polycrystalline Drawing Die", bore wear evenly, anti-strike ability, high drawing efficiency. So now import polycrystalline mold in metal wire drawing industry are many high-end customer recognition and use, compared to other materials mold, mold polycrystalline imports obvious wire brushed surface quality and longevity. Its advantages
1. wear resistance and long life.
2. drawing high efficiency.
3. The elimination of labor intensity.
4. save raw materials.
Imports polycrystalline die during drawing points should be noted:
A. A full polycrystalline drawing dies after a full 600 hours of continuous work, should be promptly to remove all mold polishing repair, eliminate mold compression ring groove area, increasing the life of mold, if used continuously without timely polished, This will greatly shorten the life of the mold of the entire road, some even large-sized molds crack does not work properly.
B. For the first line mode, in order to avoid the wire into the first polycrystalline module line planes from the mold to produce the impact of jitter and affect the inner polycrystalline module bore polycrystalline impact, generally through the first mode when the line In front of this piece of tungsten steel mold is increased, the aim of the wire into the polycrystalline module, a smooth entry.
When drawing a full range of polycrystalline module imports polycrystalline module can better ensure the dimensional stability of the wire can be used as the last piece of the finished mold, and the rest can all use of domestic polycrystalline module, because the cost of imports than domestic polycrystalline module much higher polycrystalline module.
IWD regularly supplies full ranges of PCD diamond drawing dies:
Sumidia PCD
Compax PCD
PCD products of Chinese manufacturers
IWD company imports different high-quality PCD diamond die blanks from Sumitomo and Diamond Innovation (GE Compax). Their advantages are supper fine & even particle diamond, high drawing life and better perforation on hard wire drawing, low tolerance and high finished wire surface.
Soft wires: Copper wire, Aluminum wire, brass wire, gold wire,etc.
Hard wires: Stainless steel wire, brass plated steel wire, cooper plated wires, tungsten wire, molybdenum wire, etc.
Diamond Wire Drawing Die Hole Sizes:
From 0.010inch to 0.5500inch Or from 0.2500mm to 14.0000mm
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