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Tungsten Carbide Wire Drawing Dies(TC Wire Dies)
Carbide lower mold hardness, high modulus carbide wire drawing quality, low surface roughness, but poor wear resistance of carbide die, the short life of the mold.

Carbide die, drawn wire (steel wire) generally use carbide dies, the typical structure of such a mold is a cylindrical (or slightly tapered) carbide mandrel is tightly embedded in a circular steel sleeve the core hole in the bell, entrance cone deformation (work) cone, sizing belt and exit angle.

Carbide mold made of cemented carbide. Tungsten carbide cobalt alloy belong, whose main component is tungsten carbide and cobalt. Tungsten carbide is an alloy of "skeleton", mainly from hard wearing effect; Cobalt is bonded metal, is the source of the toughness of the alloy. Therefore, carbide die and alloy steel mold compared with the following characteristics: high abrasion resistance, good polishing, adhesion is small, the friction coefficient is small, low energy consumption, high corrosion resistance, these features make the Carbide Drawing Mould has extensive processing adaptability, become the most widely used drawing die mold.

The main brands Carbide drawing dies YG8, YG6, YG3, followed YG15, YG6X, YG3X, develop new brands, such as for high-speed drawing YL new grades, as well as from abroad drawing dies grade CS05 (YLO. 5), CG20 (YL20), CG40 (YL30); ZK10, ZK20 / ZK30.

Carbide drawing dies with lower cobalt content carbide - cobalt alloy, which has good abrasion resistance, impact resistance, polishing and corrosion resistance, easy to repair and low prices, is a common drawing dies core production materials are widely used in thick, stretching wire.

Research shows that by improving carbide composition and structure, control fluctuations in the value of the carbon content, refining carbide particles, can improve the material's performance and extend its life.

Domestic and hot isostatic pressing (HIP) process technology and ultra-fine grain adding rare earth elements to reduce the porosity, grain refinement to improve the hardness, reduce friction coefficient; and using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method and Physical vapor deposition (PVD) method in carbide or diamond thin film formed on the surface of titanium nitride coating to improve the strength of the alloy surface.

Drawing Die Carbide (tungsten steel) as the core of high-quality carbide, with high hardness, good thermal conductivity, low coefficient of friction. Carbide drawing dies making simple, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, low price is a significant feature of this product is suitable for ferrous metals, large size wire drawing, and drawing conditions are poor occasions.

Excellent corrosion resistance and wear properties, there are a variety of sizes to choose from, and cost savings.

Most wire, large diameter and corrosive wear is the main cause of mold failure, with the best tungsten carbide.

Typical markets:
Carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, seamless pipe, stainless steel pipe, shaped bar.
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