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CVD Diamond coated stranding, bunching & compacting dies
Wire drawing die is an important application direction CVD diamond film coating, CVD diamond film as pure polycrystalline diamond, both single crystal diamond finish and heat new, and avoid empty diamond drawing die wear and easy way shortcomings, but also has good wear resistance PCD, low-cost advantages.

CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) coating drawing die is a recently developed a new technology, its main way is the Carbide Drawing die coating diamond films. Diamond films are pure polycrystalline diamond, both with single crystal diamond finish, temperature resistance, but also has low abrasion resistance and price of polycrystalline diamond, etc., to achieve well in place of rare natural diamond Drawing Die preparation tools the effect of its widespread use will bring new vitality drawing die industry.

CVD diamond coating drawing die due to a good performance and wear resistance, low surface roughness of the wire drawing, but drawing die CVD coating production process is complex, difficult process, high cost; when the coating abrasion After the mold will quickly wear, not only difficult to ensure processing quality, but can not be reused, it can only be scrapped.

When drawing a small diameter wire, CVD diamond coating to overcome the natural diamond die mold anisotropy, but also has excellent strength and hardness, drawing the highest yield, surface quality meet the requirements. Test proved, CVD diamond coating life drawing die mold identical to the natural diamond, high qualified products, surface quality than domestic polycrystalline diamond. Thus, for small diameter wire drawing, CVD diamond coating drawing die is an ideal choice.

CVD Diamond wire die blanks are made by 100% diamond materials, without any bonding and additional adhesives. It is better abrasion performance than PCD die blanksĄŻ. And more for the thermally stable processing. IWD CVD Diamond wire drawing dies can be processed in a very high temperature up to 1000 degree centigrade, even more than that.

Tungsten wire, Molybdenum wire and other hard materials which need high abrasive wire drawing.

Products Range:0.100mm-5.000mm

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CVD Diamond coated stranding, bunching & compacting dies

IWD has introduced CVD Diamond coated stranding, bunching & compacting dies which makes it outstanding in performance & price on Bunching, Stranding and Compacting application.CVD diamond coated die is the ideal combination of large-size availability of tungsten carbide and the ideal surface properties of synthetic diamond.

Products Features:
High machine uptime
Reduced power usage
Long diameter stability
Product Range: 2.000mm-70mm
Excellent wire and cable surface
Conductor wire or cable material savings
2-10 times lower price than ordinary PCD dies
Trouble-free on recut & repolish serice, given low cost of new replacement
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