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Types of drawing dies and common problems
1, pull the soft metal (such as gold and silver) when the steel mold is enough, the steel mold can have a number of different holes in the hole.
2, carbide die - drawn steel wire (steel wire) generally use carbide die (Tungsten carbide dies), the typical structure of this mold is a cylindrical (or slightly taper) of the carbide core closely In the case of a round steel case, there are bell rings, Entrance angel, approach angle, bearing and Exit relief.
3, wire mold - pull non-ferrous metal wire, such as copper, aluminum, and more use and wire mold similar to the drawing die, the hole shape some differences.
4, polycrystalline mold - pull thin wire can be used to polycrystalline mold (artificial diamond), as well as the use of natural diamonds drawing die.

Drawing wire mold widely used, such as electronic devices, radar, television, instrumentation and aerospace used in the high-precision wire and the commonly used tungsten wire, molybdenum wire, stainless steel wire, wire and cable wire and a variety of alloy wire are Made out of the diamond drawing die due to the use of natural diamond as raw materials, which has a strong wear resistance, high service life.

In the purchase of drawing die, we always want to buy the product is the best, the best is no defect, so we must learn to buy a drawing die is good or bad, only will read , Can be selected to a most suitable of their own drawing die.

If the price from the point of view, The price of natural diamond drawing die is certainly more expensive,but it is expensive to have his reason, because this type of drawing die itself is more complicated in the processing time The kind of. Natural diamond drawing die has a very high hardness, but it is easy to cause friction, so this type of drawing die can only be used in some of the smaller diameter of the material, but its wear resistance is the best.

There is also a carbide mold, the hardness of this film is relatively low, the surface is not very rough, but its wear resistance is relatively poor, coupled with its relatively low hardness, usually not recommended to buy of. Selection of drawing die is like the selection of explosion-proof electric heater, to be particularly careful, you carefully against it, it will also you a rest assured.

Drawing dies used common problems
In order to ensure the quality of the product, it is necessary to polish the surface of the drawing die and strictly control the dimensional tolerances of the sizing mold. In the process of drawing, the drawing mold will be used in the process of drawing.
What is the problem, li to give friends to talk about, the first is the drawing die work angle caused by improper selection of problems, drawing wire, because the work angle is too large to let the wire into the drawing die contact point, deformation area change Short time, will make the wire deformation rate to speed up, and produce a lot of heat, easy to lead to lubrication failure.
Secondly, the center of the drawing die and the phenomenon of crack, this phenomenon is mainly caused by the use of raw materials, drawing process Unreasonable, in the wire drawing process, the wire inside the organization along the axial direction of the slow extension in the heart of the tensile stress along the axis, when the axial tensile stress exceeds the drawing material tensile strength, the material heart Will eventually produce the shape of the crack, the last is the drawing die residual stress and surface hardening phenomenon, the residual function will make the material hardening intensified, serious Words will crack the surface of the wire.
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