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Abnormal reasons during wire drawing
1、 Broken wire
(1). Loose joint: adjust the current, power on time and pressure of butt welding machine to improve the welding quality.
(2). Impurities in wire rod: strengthen the acceptance of raw materials.
(3). Unreasonable die matching: adjust the die to eliminate the phenomenon of large and small deformation process.
(4). The shape of die hole is not correct or smooth: the die shall be repaired strictly according to the standard, and the sizing area shall not be too long to ensure the smoothness of the die hole.
(5). Excessive counter tension: adjust the number of turns on the drum.
(6). Wire pressing on Drum: adjust the number of turns of winding on drum and correct worn drum.
(7). Poor lubrication: check the lubrication system and determine the composition and temperature of the lubricant.
(8). The aluminum pole is wet: prevent the aluminum rod from getting damp, and the wet aluminum rod will not be used for the time being.

2、 Incorrect size and shape
(1). Die hole wear: often measure the wire diameter, and replace the mold when it is found to be out of tolerance.
(2). Wire drawing: adjust the die to improve the lubrication effect.
(3). Using the wrong mold: measure the wire diameter after threading.
(4). Wire scratch: check the quality and lubrication of die hole.
(5). Mold skew: pay attention to straightening and repairing the mold base when installing the mold.

3、 Scratch, bruise, scratch
(1). There are jumpers on the conical drum: smooth the surface of the drum and maintain the angle correctly.
(2). Groove on Drum: remove drum to repair and polish.
(3). There are broken lines on the equipment: uneven drum interface and inflexible guide wheel rotation.
(4). Wire coils collide with each other: the reels should be placed in the "t" shape and separated from each other during transportation.
(5). Uneven ground: repair the ground and lay steel plate.
(6). Take up too much: stick to the post and concentrate on the market according to the regulations.

4、 Peeling, pitting, triangle mouth and burr
(1). There are flash, inclusion and shrinkage hole in the wire rod: strengthen the inspection, and those unqualified will not be put into production.
(2). Mold hole is not smooth, deformation, etc.: strict inspection, unqualified mold is not on the machine.
(3). Poor lubrication: improve the lubrication effect.
(4). The drum is not smooth and the sliding rate is too large: polish the drum surface and adjust the die matching.

5、 Ripple, serpentine
(1). Improper die matching: adjust the die matching, and the deformation degree of the finished die should not be too small.
(2). Serious vibration of wire drawing machine: repair and reinforce equipment to eliminate vibration.
(3). The wire rod shakes badly: adjust the tension and keep the winding speed stable.
(4). The shape of die hole is not suitable: the length of sizing area should be appropriate, not too short, or even not.
(5). Uneven and unclean lubrication supply: ensure the uniform supply of lubricant and filter the lubricant.

6、 There are continuous scratches on the wire
(1). Wire scratch: check all parts in contact with wire rod, such as guide wheel and wire rod.
(2). The temperature of lubricating fluid is too high: strengthen the cooling and use forced cooling if necessary.
(3). High alkali content of lubricant and unclean: regular test to keep the composition of lubricant and ensure its cleanness.
(4). The mold hole is not smooth and defective: strengthen the repair and management of the mold, and the unqualified mold will not be put on the machine.
(5). The lubrication area of die hole is blocked: filter the lubricating fluid to eliminate metal chips and impurities in the lubricant.

7、 Oxidation, water stain and oil stain
(1). Insufficient lubrication and high temperature of lubricating fluid: ensure sufficient supply of lubricating fluid and strengthen the cooling of lubricating fluid.
(2). Splash of lubricating fluid: block the splash part, and wipe the line with felt at the outlet of finished product line.
(3). The storage site is not clean, and greasy gloves dirty the wire rod: adhere to 6S management to ensure the cleanliness of the working site.

8、 The winding line is full, partial, disorderly, tight and loose
(1). Improper alignment: adjust the width and position of the winding according to the specifications of the take-up reel.
(2). Improper take-up tension: adjust the take-up tension and take-up speed.
(3). Cable arrangement mechanism failure: observe carefully and eliminate it in time.
(4). Irregularity of take-up reel: qualified reel shall be selected.
(5). Over full take-up: strengthen the monitoring, if it is automatic disc change, reset the number of the lower plate or overhaul the equipment.
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