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Reform of diamond drawing die equipment
Machinery industry, equipment change and update faster and faster, let's take a look at the diamond drawing die and its equipment reform.

The first generation is mechanical grinding. The diamond drawing dies are manufactured and maintained by mechanical grinding. The efficiency of this method is very low and the pass of the grinding die is poor, which is rarely used at present.

The second generation is the tube magnetostrictive type, which converts the electrical signal provided by the tube amplifier into mechanical energy through the magnetostrictive transducer, which is used to grind the diamond mold.

The disadvantage of this type of transducer is that the conversion efficiency of magnetostrictive transducer is too low, and it needs external circulating cooling water to cool it. The failure rate of equipment is high, and there are not many manufacturers using it at present.

The third generation is the transistor piezoelectric type, which converts the electrical signal provided by the transistor power supply into mechanical vibration through the piezoelectric ceramic transducer. Its advantage is that the piezoelectric ceramic conversion efficiency is high, and no additional cooling system is required.

The volume of the equipment is reduced. So far, this type of machine has been widely used. It has gradually replaced the old mechanical grinder and the tube magnetostrictive grinder, and has become the mainstream of wire drawing die manufacturing equipment.

Its disadvantages include: large harmonic distortion of transistor circuit, easy transverse vibration of transducer, easy breakage and fracture of diamond and low yield when using this type of machine to manufacture natural diamond micro aperture mould. When the power output is high, the transistor is easy to be damaged, so it can not be used to manufacture the drawing die of super large diameter polycrystalline diamond.

The fourth generation is precision integrated piezoelectric ultrasonic EDM composite machining technology and equipment, developed by Beijing Electrical Machining Research Institute. This kind of machine adopts high-power top-level audio integrated circuit and micro precision EDM power supply. Through the conversion of piezoelectric ceramic titanium alloy transducer, the diamond drawing die is processed by ultrasonic and EDM.

Its characteristic is that it is a high fidelity audio amplifier chip which provides ultrasonic signal. Its internal circuit has powerful functions, including automatic gain control circuit (AGC), temperature overheat protection circuit, load short circuit protection circuit. It has the advantages of low total harmonic distortion and low noise. Titanium alloy transducer has low impedance, high Q value, small internal loss, high mechanical strength, long service life, stable performance and higher conversion efficiency.

The combination of excellent audio circuit and piezoelectric ceramic titanium alloy transducer produces pure ultrasonic wave without clutter and transverse vibration. The diamond drawing die processed with it has good hole type and high surface finish. When machining large diameter polycrystalline diamond die, if the composite EDM is used, the machining efficiency will be doubled.
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