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Key work of cable industry standard revision
After more than 20 years of rapid development, China's wire and cable industry has gone from "market is king" to another level, that is "quality is the king". Of course, the fundamental purpose of "market" as a cable manufacturer is unchanged, but the form of chasing the market has changed. For example, in the past, compared with the products themselves, the wire and cable manufacturers paid more attention to the market. Therefore, we can see that many wire and cable manufacturers attach importance to market personnel rather than R & D personnel. Marketing personnel often use other unknown means or hidden rules to promote products, rather than let the products speak for themselves, so that consumers can automatically buy the corresponding products because of their needs.

In today's era, no matter from the perspective of national "fighting tigers and beating flies" or from the perspective of marketization, "hidden rules" are still popular, but the living space is getting smaller and smaller. For wire and cable manufacturers and purchasing units, product quality and product performance return to the focus, which has become one of the most important tasks for wire and cable manufacturers. Therefore, in recent years, we have seen that both the relevant national departments, associations and chambers of Commerce have attached great importance to product quality, and whether it is a large conference or a small forum, they are discussing how to improve product quality. At present, although wire and cable manufacturers have attached great importance to product quality problems, there are some problems in the standards of cable industry, so the revision of relevant standards in the cable industry will become the focus in the future.

Obviously, in the era of knowledge-based economy, the characteristic of market competition standard is particularly prominent. Through the integration of standards and patents, patent standardization and standard monopoly can be realized, and market share and monopoly profits can be maximized. Therefore, the saying that "second rate enterprises sell products, first-class enterprises sell patents, and super first-class enterprises sell standards". Objectively speaking, China's cable industry standard lags behind, far less mature than the standard system of Europe and other countries, which has long been the consensus of the industry. However, with the continuous progress of the society, we also find that the formulation of China's cable industry standards is constantly improving. This mainly depends on the joint efforts of many parties.

First of all, the cooperation between various departments in China is not mature. The establishment of cable industry standards presents new vitality with institutions and associations leading, enterprises participating, and national standards performing their respective duties. In the past two years, wire and cable industry associations and chambers of Commerce have sprung up all over the country. China has a vast territory and abundant resources, and the folk customs of different regions are also different. The industry association guides and guides the development of regional cable industry. They also contributed a lot to the development of cable industry standards. In addition, in order to stay at the forefront of the industry, cable enterprises have strengthened their efforts in tackling key technical problems. After product research and development, what kind of standard to measure is also of great concern to enterprises. In terms of the cable standard formulation of its own R & D products, enterprises have unique advantages, and it is incumbent on them to participate.

At present, in recent years, there are many good news in the market, such as the standardization of cable products, the new progress of cable standard formulation, and the filling of domestic blank. In terms of wind power cables, the newly issued "technical specification for twisted flexible cables for wind power generation with rated voltage of 1.8kv/3kv and below" provides calcium supplement for the healthy development of the industry. Although there is no substantial progress in the revision of the standard for special optical cables, it is moving towards the direction of standardization. Moreover, the standards being formulated by some wire and cable manufacturers, including XLPE, will be issued soon The enterprise standard of insulated high voltage DC cable and its accessories, operation and maintenance standard of 500kV Fugang line submarine cable, silicone rubber insulated power cable, power cable for frequency converter, etc. With the acceleration of the standard revision process, we can see the progress of cable standard revision.

In addition, the favorable national policies also contribute to the formulation of wire and cable industry standards. For example, in recent years, China's economy has developed rapidly, and policies such as the "12th Five Year Plan" of national energy science and technology, the "12th Five Year Plan" of nonferrous metal industry, and the "12th Five Year Plan" of aluminum industry have been issued successively, leading the new trend of industry development. Both the service of upstream industry and the support of downstream industry provide convenience for the formulation of cable industry standards.

All in all, it is almost foreseeable that the new round of cable standards will change the drawbacks of the quality inspection of new cable products in China, purify the situation of chaotic cable models and uneven product quality, and make the quality of cable products in China step to a new level. This is not only conducive to the orderly development of the industry, but also conducive to national supervision and management, but also provides guidance for consumers to purchase.

The last thing to add is that in recent years, the international market has restricted the export of cable products from China and other countries by some so-called rules and regulations, which has also caused great trouble to local wire and cable manufacturers. Through this point, we find that we can improve the standard barrier by formulating relevant rules or regulations, so as to restrict the import of products and seize the domestic market It's also very helpful.
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Key work of cable industry standard revision
After more than 20 years of rapid development, China's wire and cable industry has gone from "market is king" to another level, ...
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